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Expanded bottle, can returns will begin in 2 weeks

Bottle and can returns photo
Courtesy of Meijer Newsroom


People will have more places to return cans and bottles as more restrictions on retailers are lifted in a couple weeks, as the policy was announced Monday by the state treasury department. Larger retailers with return machines in front of the store have been accepting cans and bottles since June. Smaller stores without machines or those that required people to walk to the back to return bottles and cans were supposed to wait.

Ron Leix with the treasury department says that allowed stores to move employees into more crucial roles during the COVID-19 crisis, and reduced the risk to customers and workers.

“It’s not a full blown opening, but it’s getting closer and closer to back to a sense of normalcy with bottle returns,” Leix said. 

There are limits on the number of returns, and stores can stop accepting cans and bottles if storage areas are filled.