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Gov. Whitmer: Big-10 made the right decision to cancel football this fall


One day after Michigan Republican leaders called on the Big-10 to reconsider its decision to shut down the football season, Governor and Democrat Gretchen Whitmer said Wednesday that the Big-10 made the right decision.

The comments came Wednesday morning on the MSNBC program Morning Joe, when Whitmer, a guest on the program said, she supported the Big-10’s decision to postpone the football season this fall amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Big-10 made a decision based on the best epidemiology, and I think that we have to respect the decision that they made to keep their student athletes safe and their families safe,” Whitmer said.

On Tuesday, in a letter from Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield and signed by a number of Republican lawmakers from 5 surrounding states, Chatfield urges Big-10 Commissioner Kevin Warren to reconsider the decision to shut down football. Chatfield told WGVU that it’s an injustice to the players and coaches in the Big 10.

“If it's safe, for high school football to playing football, then why is it unsafe for college athletes,” Chatfield said.

Meanwhile, Whitmer blasted President Donald Trump for getting involved…On Sunday Trump tweeted that Big-10 Football would be back on if it weren’t for Michigan, Illinois and Maryland’s governors. Whitmer fired back Wednesday morning.

“If the Trump administration had had a national strategy and taken this seriously we may be able to play football right now,” Whitmer said. “But that is not the case, and that is why we have to be smart right now with the circumstances that we are dealing with.”

Last Thursday, Governor Whitmer eased restrictions that allowed for high school fall sports to resume including football. The season started Wednesday, with many area schools playing their first game this Friday.

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