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Ford Airport Announces New Campaign: Fly Safe. Fly Ford.

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As the Michigan economy continues to navigate through COVID-19, the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is introducing its new “Fly Safe. Fly Ford” campaign to educate travelers on new precautions for their health and to restore confidence in air travel.

“We’ve been getting questions from the traveling public and the community about what’s it going to look like during COVID and what are these precautions.”

Alex Peric is the Chief Operating Officer at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority.  He says their new campaign, Fly Safe, Fly Ford is meant to education and help travelers get back to traveling, but safely.

“This is really to educate the traveling public. To instill confidence.  It’s safe to come to the airport.  We have incorporated and installed sneeze guards throughout the facility at the ticketing counter, TSA checkpoint and also at the rental car centers.”

Peric says travelers will also see signs about face coverings, hand sanitizers will be available throughout the building, and there will also be floor markers reminding passengers to keep their distance from fellow travelers. This new “flying normal” comes on the heels of the Ford Airport setting records on passenger travel.

“We can say that the worst is behind us.  At the worst we were 96 percent down, but that was consistent with the rest of the country.  We project to be back 50 percent by the end of the year.”

Peric says it’s important to get folks traveling again.  To add to the safety measures already in place, Peric says looking to the future, they’re looking at ways to create a contact-less experience, from the parking garage throughout the terminal.  No specific date for that has been set.

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