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WGVU presents FRONTLINE: Inside Italy's Covid War


Tuesday, May 19th @ 10pm on WGVU Public Television - PBS FRONTLINE presents Inside Italy’s COVID War. A documentary offering a visceral look inside a hospital battling COVID-19 cases in Northern Italy at the height of its crisis.

“I remember it was kind of mid-February and the first cases of COVID appeared in a small town in Northern Italy.”

Sasha Achilli returned to her childhood home locked down by the government reporting and producing the FRONTLINE film Inside Italy’s COVID War. Achilli telling the story from inside one of the regions hospitals.

“And what I noticed was the doctors themselves, the doctors and nurses, were among the most terrified patients because they had seen how unpredictable the virus was and they had seen what the outcome could be. So, all of them as soon as they became positive were imagining their lungs full and completely inflamed and already imagining the worst case scenario which is on machines in an I.C.U.”

The film reveals the seriousness of the health risk where doctors are forced to make life and death decisions. Also, the measures the world should consider reducing the virus spread.

FRONTLINE’s Inside Italy’s COVID War airs Tuesday, May 19th @ 10pm on WGVU Public Television. I’m Patrick Center