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President Trump criticizes Gov. Whitmer over COVID-19 response, Whitmer fires back

Governor Gretchen Whitmer photo
Gov. Whimter's office

President Donald Trump attacked Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Tuesday morning on her response to the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the governor hadn't done enought to handle the cornovirus outbreak in the state. 

Trump tweeted Tuesday that the "Failing Michigan Governor must work harder and be much more proactive. We are pushing her to get the job done. I stand with Michigan!"

Whitmer shot back at the President shortly after tweeting, "Now that I’ve got your attention, Mr. President - attack tweets won’t solve this crisis. But swift and clear guidance, tests, personal protective equipment, and resources would...FYI - here’s what I’ve done so far:" 

  • 3/3: Created COVID-19 task forces
  • 3/6: Ensured Medicaid waiver for copays & cost sharing for testing
  • 3/10: Declared a State of Emergency
  • 3/11: Recommended mitigation strategies
  • 3/12: Expanded access to telemedicine
  • 3/12: Closed all K-12 schools
  • 3/13: Prohibited large gatherings 250+
  • 3/13: Restricted entry into care facilities & juvenile justice facilities
  • 3/14: Enhanced restrictions on price gouging
  • 3/16: Closed places of public accommodation
  • 3/16: Prohibited large gatherings 50+
  • 3/16: Expanded unemployment benefits