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Paw Paw Schools Superintendent: Time To Retire Redskins Mascot, Logo

Paw Paw Public Schools

Rick Reo, the superintendent of Paw Paw Public Schools said on he would be taking his message to the school board next Monday according to the districts newsletter. 

“Our nickname is preventing us from realizing our true potential as a school that welcomes, celebrates, supports and challenges all students.” 

Despite a large number of parents and students opposing the “Red Skins” name, The Paw Paw Board of Education voted back in 2017 to keep the nickname and mascot. 

Reo said he believes the district originally chose Redskins to "celebrate the rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans." But times have changed, he said, even if the intent has not.

“If we have students, walking our halls who are uncomfortable with our Redskin nickname, who cannot share in the school pride and spirit we want all students to have, who are divided from classmates because of the very thing that’s supposed to bring students together, then I think we need to question whether holding onto the nickname is the right thing to do,” 

The American Civil Liberties Union last year asked the U.S. Education Department to investigate a “racially hostile environment” for Native American students at Paw Paw's high school.