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Bill would help streamline process for lakeshore homes in danger of collapse

Sen. Victory


As beach erosion continues to threaten dozens of residences along the lakeshore, a new bill in Lansing is looking to help homeowners take action. Lake Michigan continues to threaten many West Michigan homes, as relentless waves and high water have pounded the lakeshore over the past few months, destroying a handful of properties already, and threatening dozens of others.

Homeowners have two choices, to build an abatement structure or move their home to a different location. The process is complicated however, due to permits that need to be acquired in order to do so, and with Lake Michigan’s continuing beach erosion, homeowners are in a race with the clock.

In an effort to streamline the process, Michigan State Senator Roger Victory introduced a bill that would allow people to begin construction, before getting the necessary permit. He says, his heart goes out to those who are living in a constant state of uncertainty.

“Can you imagine how stressful it is for homeowners, how do you even sleep at night, when you hear those ways eating away at the beach,” Victory said. “It’s emotional, and I believe we can’t neglect (them.”)

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are at its highest level in 33 years, and are on track to break the record previously set in 1986.