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Local Dad Sounds Alarm As Emergency Appeal For Blood Continues

picture of family
Aaron Lockwood

An emergency appeal for blood donors has been made due to a blood shortage in the state.  Recent blood drives have helped quite a bit.

But one local dad is sounding the alarm for donations. Not only is he a medical professional who sees the need for blood daily, but his daughter’s recent leukemia diagnosis has increased his awareness.

“My daughter has received multiple unites of blood since she’s been diagnosed and even though in my currently role at Spectrum Health, I give blood products all the time, but never in a million years did I think to give blood, because it’s always there.”

Aaron Lockwood is an operating room charge nurse at Spectrum Health.  His 10-year-old daughter Madison was recently diagnosed with leukemia and with treatment, comes the need for blood products.  Knowing about the shortage, coupled with his daughter’s current needs, Aaron says he’s now a committed donor and is encouraging others to do the same.

“Just think of it as your loved one is need of blood saving product is needed to save a life.  Because that happens every day.  I’m part of the emergent cases where we’re giving blood as fast as someone losing blood. So, without those products that person would not make it out of surgery. As far as it relates to my daughter that’s part of her treatment to help cure her leukemia. So put yourself out there and pretend that it’s your loved one that needs it. So, would you be willing to donate for your loved one? I believe everyone would.”

Spectrum Health held a successful blood drive last week.  This, amid an emergency appeal from Versiti Blood Center of Michigan, which said their blood supply was at a “dire” level.  Vida Cater is Versiti’s Donor Marketing Program Manager and she says the response has been good, but the need remains.

“And when we went into emergency appeal, we were at less than a half days supply.  So, we’re still on appeal for donations, especially for people with O negative and O positive blood.”

Versiti blood center has locations around the state.  The Grand Rapids location is located at 1036 Fuller.  It takes about hour to give blood and anyone in good health, 17 and older is encouraged to give.  You can make an appointment or walk in to donate.

You can visit their website, at versiti.org/Michigan for more information.