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Michigan files lawsuit saying opioid distributors acted like drug dealers


Michigan has filed a lawsuit seeking damages from drug companies that distribute opioid painkillers.
The lawsuit claims the companies did not take necessary precautions despite knowing the dangers posed by opioids.

A 1992 state law allows prosecutors to recover damages from drug dealers. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel says that law also allows the state to collect damages from drug companies.
                The lawsuit targets four pharmaceutical distribution companies. Nessel says those companies are responsible for their products being abused.

“They knowingly and deliberately distributed drugs in our state without controls. This was not only negligent. It was unlawful.”

Nessel says now the companies owe Michigan taxpayers the costs of treating people who became addicted to opioids. One of the drug companies released a statement saying its products are FDA-approved and prescribed for patients by physicians. The lawsuit was filed in the Wayne County Circuit Court.