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Grand Rapids Board of Education backs legislation that would give licenses to immigrants


Kristian Grant is the chair of the Grand Rapids Board of Education and she was the one responsible for asking the board to approve backing legislation that would give drivers licenses to  all immigrants. 

“And it doesn't just affect the individuals who don't have that ID, but it affects everyone if you're in a car accident on the road and you don't have ID you're more likely to flee… you don't have insurance. So if I'm a citizen who hit I want you to be able to go get insurance. Right? Like I want you to be able to be covered. So we're all safe on the road.”

The board voted unanimously in support of the bill and plans to distribute their policy statement to Government Gretchen Whitmer. This moves comes nearly one year after a local immigrant led movement began their campaign urging local and state legislators to advocate on behalf of a bill to give driver’s licenses for all immigrants. Gema Lowe from Movimiento Cosecha GR says this kind of vote would not have happened last year.

“The work that we’ve done is paying off and now it’s a momentum with the bill last week.”

Last week Michigan legislators introduced a package of bills that they say will allow undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses.

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News.