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New bill would ban 3-D printed firearms


A state lawmaker says he wants to get ahead of technological improvements in 3-D printing. A new bill would ban 3-D printed firearms. The bill was introduced by Democratic Representative Abdullah Hammoud. He says the technology to print components of firearms and then assemble them with other parts into guns is still new and 3D printers are expensive. But they’ve gotten cheaper over the years. He says as technology improvements make the printers more accessible, the Legislature needs to think ahead.

“We know we have a gun violence epidemic happening across our country,” Hammound said. “So this is a very forward looking, proactive measure that we can institute to ensure the security and safety of our families across the state.”

New York recently adopted a similar law.  A primary concern is that the guns can be made in a person’s home without a background check and are not traceable by law enforcement.