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SNN: Kent City Drones

Kent City 8th grader Ivan Aguilar-Duarte with teacher Jeremy Smith photo
School News Network

Migrant students in Kent City Community Schools are learning to fly drones, getting exposure to STEM fields, they otherwise may not.

Until coming to Kent City, eighth-grader Ivan Aguilar-Duarte had never seen a drone, but now has experience operating them.

Learning about drones is part of the Kent City afterschool program for students in families that travel for seasonal work.

Giving the students a glimpse of what they might not otherwise experience is so important, said teacher Jeremy Smith. While other students might have a drone to operate in their home, families that have to work so hard to make ends meet, usually don’t have such things. This might just be the spark that ignites a future.”

These students have great assets, such as being bilingual, adaptable and hardworking. If we can combine these assets with STEM skills, they could solve future world challenges and earn a great living.

Ivan said he gets little exposure to technology when he travels south for the winter, but he may just be the one in which a “spark is ignited.”

“Maybe I’ll do something with technology when I get older,” said Ivan, “– like working with drones.”

Janice Holst for School News Network