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Who is Allison Lutz? She could be the first openly out LGBTQ+ GR City Commissioner

Allison Lutz

At only 22-years old, Allison Lutz says she is ready to make change in her community by running as City Commissioner representing the first ward. The west sider says she will advocate on housing affordability and equity. 

“Making sure people feel like they're actually being heard and the people in my community are being truly represented in their government as well as making the West Side in Grand Rapids as a whole safer, more equitable, and more affordable community to live in.” 

If elected, Lutz would be the first openly out bi-sexual person in the commission, a representation of an identity she doesn’t take lightly.

“And that’s very important for me to be able to show that there are people that identify as queer and are able to take a take a part in leadership without compromising who they are.”

Increasing accessibility to drinking water is one of the issues Lutz hopes to tackle if elected as commissioner. 

“We are looking to use a city public bank or a voter approved mileage to create a tiered water pricing system that every household will have a certain living standard amount of water for free and then it will get exponentially more expensive for the people that use exponentially more water”

Lutz is running against first ward city commissioner Jon O’Connor who is wrapping up his first term later this year. Elections primaries are expected to take place on August. 

Michelle Jokisch Polo, WGVU News. 

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