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Muskegon Heights City Manager Jake Eckholm steps down


After three years on the job, Muskegon Heights City Manager Jake Eckholm has announced he will be stepping down. Eckholm is calling it quits after taking over the reins of the top administrative job in 2016. Hired at the relatively young age of 26, Eckholm says while it was his dream job, the long hours week in and week out began to take its toll as he searched for a healthy work and life balance.

“When I took the position my wife and I were expecting our first child, and she is almost two, and now we are expecting our second daughter, so it was just a matter of what kind of dad do you want to be,” Eckholm told WGVU. 

Eckholm leaves behind a Muskegon Heights in much better financial shape than when he took over in 2016, having presided over three budgets during his tenure. He oversaw the implementation of a roads millage, and helped the city land $3 million in state funding for a substantial redesign and reconstruction of Sherman Boulevard.

Muskegon Heights Mayor Kim Sims says, with his unbridled passion for the community, Eckholm will be missed.

“Mr. Eckholm has done a great job in this community," Sims said. "His knowledge and love for the people of this community has been second to none.”

The Muskegon Heights City Council will next form a search committee to find Eckholm’s replacement. Mayor Sims says whomever they choose, Eckholm has left very large shoes to fill.

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