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Ford Airport: Gateway Transformation Project Phase II

Picture of baggage claim at Ford Airport
Gerald R. Ford International Airport

The second phase of the “Gateway Transformation Project” at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport is now underway.  It’s expected to continue through the summer of 2020. 

“One thing about a good airport is that you’re always trying to improve and that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Marketing and Communications Director, Tara Hernandez, says phase two of the Gateway Transformation Project is now underway. She says it will add upon the work and improvements that have already been done.

“We had so many positive comments about phase one when we completed that last September.  More space, larger restrooms, open windows, just everything that‘s been a part of transforming this airport, to make it feel more like West Michigan.”

Hernandez says the first phase took care of issues toward the back.

“Now we’re going into the front area, where the ticket counters are located, baggage claim, adding some more food and beverage establishments, some more restrooms and really remodeling to make it more encompassing of that West Michigan feel.”

Phase two is expected to last until 2020, so you may want to pack a little patience as construction moves forward.

“Not only are we going into the construction season, but we’re getting into the holidays and November through April, May, get pretty crazy for us. Because you’re dealing with the holiday traffic, winter travel and then sprng break travel as we get into March and April. Combine that with construction you’re going to see a lot of people, a lot of movement, a lot of new and different things happening around here. So, one thing we can do, always when taking flights, is to be early. 90 minutes at least before your scheduled flight if you’re flying out of Grand Rapids.”

This second phase is expected to cost 18 million dollars generate more than 40 full time jobs.

To get a better idea of all the changes ahead, you can go to GRR.ORG and look under the construction tab.