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Blandford Celebrates Native American Heritage Month

Blandford Nature Center

November is Native American Heritage month.  And West Michigan families are invited to come to Blandford Nature Center for a live cultural performance. 

“It’s always important to share information that’s how we can better learn one another and we can appreciate each other, so that’s what we’re trying to do with this program and we hope to offer more here at Blandford here in 2019.”

Organizers say the upcoming program is a new way to take us into our nation’s cultural past. November is Native American Heritage month and champion Powwow dancer and Native American from the Ho-Chunk Nation, Reg Pettibone along with his wife Marcia will present the program. Here’s Community Programs Manager, Amber Kilpatrick.

“We’ll really be looking at traditions that Reg has grown up with and he comes from the HoChunk Tribe and so we’ll learn about his traditional upbringing we’ll learn about and what his wife Marth contributes and she comes from the Paiute tribe.”

Kilpatrick says they encourage the community to take part in the Blandford Nature Center as they pay tribute to the rich ancestry ad traditions of Native Americans.

“We want to enrich and empower our community and there’s no better way to do that than to offer new programs, programs that take us into new life styles that take us into new skills.  We’re hoping to offer these programs to build upon that inclusion and just that curiosity around other people and how we all connect right back to nature.”

Following the presentation, Kilpatrick says there will be an opportunity for questions and answers plus there will be an optional hike through the forest.  The event is Saturday, November 3rd at 10:30 am and is open to the public; It’s five dollars for Blandford members, and eight dollars for non-members.  You can find more information and register online at Blandfordnaturecenter.org and click on the programs tab.

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