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Decision 2018: Michigan 28th Senate district Democrats

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WGVU’s Decision 2018 turns its attention to the state’s Senate primary races. WGVU catches up with the three Democrats running for Michigan’s 28th Senate district seat.

“If you’re doing everything right and you find that you’re working harder and harder to get by you’re not alone,” explains Democrat Gidget Groendyk.

Her focus is on fighting for Michigan's families and seniors by working and holding elected officials accountable.

“More and more people are working longer hours and all their income ends up going to the top one percent. My plan is to make the one percent pay their fair share of taxes. We deserve to make a livable wage. Ensure equal pay for women, affordable college tuition, affordable health care, together, we can make a political revolution and provide a democracy that works for all.”

Democrat Ryan Jeanette is currently a Grand Rapids Community College student majoring in Political Science. His platform is fighting for education, housing and economic reform along with environmental justice.

“I have three years of mock debate designed for real-world application for international legislation. Governmental cooperation experience designed to tackle topics ranging from accessibility to clean and sanitary drinking water, to anti-trafficking and intergovernmental and departmental aid. I will bring this to our state Senate and kindness back to Lansing.”

Democrat Craig Beach is a Rockford High School teacher in Economics. His focus is supporting public education and policies supporting STEM programs in Michigan schools. Beach also will support a Michigan Jobs First Plan.

“I want to restore Michigan’s middle class. I want to protect the beautiful environment of our state. I want to put people over profits and I want to restore state government to the citizens who elect those legislators.”

Profiles can be found at wgvunews.org/term/politics

Patrick Center, WGVU News.