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Seven sexual assault cases reopened in Lansing suburb


A Lansing area police department is re-opening seven sexual assault cases. That’s after an extensive investigation into almost 600 sexual assault complaints.

       This action stems from a Larry Nassar survivor.

It starts with Brianne Randall-Gay. Back in February, Meridian Township and its police department publically apologized to her for not handling her complaint against Larry Nassar properly. Nassar is the former sports doctor who sexually assaulted his patients for decades.

       After the apology, the department said it would take a hard look at all of the sexual assault complaints it received from 2000 to 20-17.

Ken Plaga is the Assistant Police Chief.

“We want to hopefully make sure that if justice can be served, it’s served. Or at least bring closure on some of these cases.”

The seven re-opened cases will be further investigated and possibly sent to the prosecutor’s office.