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Victims of Dr. Larry Nassar begin testimony at four-day sentencing hearing

Testimony has begun in a four-day sentencing hearing for Larry Nassar, after the disgraced, Michigan sports doctor pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting young female athletes under the guise of medical care. 

Bethany Bauman is just one of nearly 100 victims that are expected to testify at the sentencing hearing of former Doctor Larry Nassar over a four day period. 

“Over the past sixteen months, I have felt guilt, shame, anger, and embarrassment for what Larry did to me," Bauman said. "Larry, you are the one who should feel guilt and shame every day and have to live with that with the rest of your life.”

Nassar molested females with his hands at his Michigan State University office, his home and a Lansing-area gymnastics club. He also worked for Indianapolis-based USA Gymnastics, which trains Olympians.

Kate Mahon testified that the University and USA gymnastics are also to blame for looking the other way.

“It sickens me to know that twenty years ago, this abuse, my abuse, could have been avoided," Mahon said. Due to the shameful neglect and indifference of Michigan State University, and USA Gymnastics, myself and 150 plus girls and young girls were abused by Larry Nassar.”

Dozens of additional victims are expected to testify by Friday when Judge Rosemarie Aquilina is expected to deliver a sentence. Nassar faces up to 120 years in prison. 

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