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KCHD: Not Too Late To Get A Flu Shot!

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A big reminder today from area health officials that it’s not too late to get your flu shot.  News comes from the Kent County Health Department among others as the Centers for Disease Control reports flu is now widespread throughout Michigan.

“Even though the flu shot does not always prevent the flu, it really can lessen the severity and the duration. And there’s still time to get your flu shot, if you haven’t done so.”

That’s Steve Kelso with the Kent County Health Department.  KCHD along with Spectrum health, Metro Health-University of Michigan Health and Mercy Health issued a joint news release today.  It basically reminds residents to take precaution for what can be a serious respiratory illness.  The Centers for Disease Control or CDC reports flu is now widespread through Michigan and many surrounding states.  Local hospitals and urgent care facilities are experiencing increased numbers of people with flu or flu like symptoms.

“We kind of expected this to rise in Michigan and it looks like its on track to be a fairly significant year. We don’t think it’s going to be the biggest, record setter this year. But it is becoming significant. And that just further underscores prevention, prevention, prevention. Wash your hands, and don’t go to work sick.”

If you are in a high risk group, like over the age of 65, pregnant or have a weakened immune system or are very sick, you should contact your health care provider, if you have flu-like symptoms, this is per the advisory.  Otherwise, it says those with a mild illness can treat symptoms by staying home and avoiding contact with others.  Kelso say Flu vaccines are available at the Kent County Health Department. You can call 632-7100 to make an appointment at any of their four clinics.  

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