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Poll shows Michigan voters unhappy with factors auto insurers use for determining premiums

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Michigan voters polled are none to happy about the factors auto insurance companies use for setting premiums.

Lansing-based EPIC-MRA conducted a survey on behalf of the Michigan Health & Hospital Association. It wanted to know what voters thought about auto insurers using education level, marital status, employment and credit scores as determining factors.

For starters, 81 percent, an overwhelming majority believe they’re paying too much for auto insurance.

When it comes to how premiums are determined, the key findings are that “92 percent of voters disapprove (77 percent strongly) of using a person’s educational level to set auto insurance rates. 84 percent disapprove (68 percent strongly) of using marital status.78 percent disapproves of using credit scores. 77 percent disapproves of using employment status. 62 percent disapproves of using zip codes.”

The poll indicates the only factor voters approve of is a person’s driving record. “91 percent approves (67 percent strongly) of using a person’s driving record and history of making accident claims.”

600 registered Michigan voters were polled. The results show bi-partisan responses with political affiliation having little influence on the findings.

The EPIC-MRA poll has a plus-minus 4-percent margin for error.

Patrick Center, WGVU News.