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Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young Jr announces candidacy for US Senate

A former Michigan Supreme Court Justice has officially announced his candidacy for the US Senate. Justice Bob Young Jr. Young served as a Michigan Supreme Court judge for 18 years and the Chief justice for the final 6 before retiring this past April. Young says the desire came to run for office after being fed up with the current political climate. 

“I decided I wanted to do this because I am just so (ticked) off about the way things are going in Washington,” Young said. “I just think it’s time for Michiganders to have a genuine leader in Washington, a disruptor that tries to alter the trajectory of what we’re seeing in Washington, which is a meltdown.”

Young will try to unseat Democrat Senator Debbie Stabenow in the next election. First he will have to face off with President Donald Trump’s Michigan Campaign Co-Chair Lena Epstein in the Republican primary. Young, who Trump considered as a United States Supreme Court nominee, says his campaign will focus heavily on the economy and improving the shrinking middle class.

“The middle class here in Michigan and elsewhere, the income of the middleclass in Michigan has been stagnant for more than a decade, we don’t fix that, the middleclass is going to continue to be crushed here in Michigan.”

Young describes himself as a black conservative Republican — three words "almost never uttered in the same sentence.”

“I believe that somebody who is a staunch rule of law, a defender of the Constitution, should go down to Washington and lay down the law,” Young said. “That is what I intend to do. I think the voters are interested not just in people who have never run anything larger than their mouths, but who’ve actually got a record of engaging government and changing it for the better. That is what I offer.”

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