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Lawmakers move bills to make female genital mutilation a crime


While female genital mutilation is a federal crime, Michigan lawmakers are working fast to also make it a state crime. The state House approved bills to do just that today.

The bills were approved almost unanimously. Some lawmakers had concerns that the bills could lead to unintended consequences.

Republican Representative Martin Howrylak voted no on some of the bills. One of his concerns is young people who are intersex or want a sex change.

“The broadest concern would be that this is moving so quickly that the legislation isn’t well crafted and narrowly tailored to the extent, to only do what we stated to do.”

The bills would make cutting or removing the genitals of a female minor, for non-medical purposes a 15 year felony.

   The legislation comes on the heels of public outcry after two Detroit area doctors were federally charged with conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation.