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Professional fundraisers tend to keep more than they donate, report shows


When it comes to donating your money, giving to a fundraiser might not be the best way to go. A new report by the Michigan Attorney General shows that an average of 39 percent of total donations to fundraisers actually reached their designated charity.

Professional fundraisers are people or organizations, paid by the charity, to solicit on behalf of a charity.

   The report gathered data from these types of fundraisers that are registered to solicit within Michigan in 20-16. In some cases, charities lost tens of thousands of dollars to professional fundraisers.

Megan Hawthorne is a spokesperson for Attorney General Bill Schuette’s office. She says the best way to make sure your donation is going to your charity, is to donate directly.

“Not to say that those fundraisers shouldn’t be able to make their money, but they should be honest with how much is going to the charity.”

   The Better Business Bureau says fundraisers should not keep more than 35 percent of the donations they receive.