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Lawsuits surrounding the Flint water crisis pile up

A new case accuses Governor Rick Snyder of wrongfully using tax dollars to fund his criminal defense related to the Flint water crisis.

The suit claims Snyder violated the constitution when he used tax dollars to pay for his outside legal defense. It also asks for an investigation into potential criminal wrongdoing by Snyder.

Mark Brewer is the attorney on this case. He says he hopes the court will investigate where the legislature and the Attorney General have failed.

“We’re grateful, we’re thankful, that the laws of this state allow citizens like Keri to be able to go to the courts and ask them to investigate because others have failed to do their jobs.”

Keri Webber is a Flint resident who says her family members developed health problems after the city started getting its tap water from the Flint River.

According to the Detroit News, Governor Snyder's office has said that the use of private lawyers was - quote - "legally sound."