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Trump pays second visit to Michigan in a month

Donald Trump speaks in Dimondale, Mich., on Friday, August 19.
Cheyna Roth
Donald Trump speaks in Dimondale, Mich., on Friday, August 19.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump paid another visit to Michigan Friday.

During his speech in Dimondale, Trump made a strong pitch to factory workers and especially African American voters saying, “What do you have to lose?”

Trump said Democrats and their presidential nominee Hillary Clinton take African American support for granted. He further blamed Detroit’s crime, poverty and unemployment on the Democratic leadership, including Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton would rather provide a job to a refugee from overseas than to give job to unemployed African American citizens in cities like Detroit who have become refugees in their own country,” he said.

Trump further promised that if he won the presidency, 95 percent of African Americans would vote for him four years later.

To the factory and industrial workers Trump promised, “We are going to the White House and we are going to bring jobs back to Michigan.”

Before the speech, people lined up outside sports complex in Dimondale, a suburb of Lansing, for the chance to hear the Republican presidential nominee.

Teresa Pierce waited outside the venue waving a sign that says she’s ready to go to work on a wall between the US and Mexico. She says Trump is the candidate most likely to shake things up.

“I think we’re done with the politicians, status quo,” she said. “I just don’t they’re doing our country any good. They’re doing other countries good, but not ours. We used to be the greatest country in the world and I want that back.”

Trump comes to Michigan on the heels of a shakeup of his campaign’s leadership team and polls that show him trailing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Trump campaign is battling for support in the industrial Midwest.

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