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Skin cancer survivor shares journey

Anne Nemschoff | via Sunality Facebook page

May was skin cancer awareness month. And now with the official kick off to summer in full swing, experts say it’s time to be vigilant about watching exposure to sun.

One skin cancer survivor has taken her journey public to help others.

"My husband prompted me to start Sunality. He looked at the way I was living immediately after the diagnosis; I was scared of the sun, I wouldn’t leave the house. I didn’t know how to handle my new reality.

"And he said, you can’t be a vampire the rest of your life. We have two young boys, so figure it out." 

And so Anne Nemschoff has tried to figure it out.

It was 5 years ago that she was diagnosed with skin cancer. And it was a metastatic case, which means it was a secondary site of cancer.

"After going through multiple surgeries, MRI’s and exams I was sent on my way with this diagnosis. I had to find a way to do that while being active outdoors and in the sun and keeping my normal lifestyle going."

Nemschoff found her way, and now openly shares her experiences and tips on her blog. There, she talks about everything from sunscreen to clothing. 

"So it's Sunality.com - and I named it Sunality because it’s a combination of my new reality of life in the sun."

As a cancer survivor, Nemschoff says skin cancer or melanoma awareness is extremely important.

"Skin cancer is on the rise. In fact, more cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year than the cases of prostate, lung, colon and breast cancer combined. So this is becoming a major epidemic."

Nemschoff says her goal is to help others who want to safely enjoy Michigan summers, as well as help those dealing with cancer.

"There are people all over this country who are dealing with these realities and change in their lifestyle.

"And I thought: why not share what I’m learning with them, make their life a little easier. Because I’m a one-stop shop to figure (out) how best to survive your new reality in the sun."

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