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Snyder booed by Flint crowd at POTUS event

Governor Rick Snyder took the stage to face an angry crowd in Flint on Wednesday.

About a thousand people were gathered in a high school gymnasium to hear President Obama’s address on the city’s drinking water crisis.

Many booed as the governor spoke for about two and a half minutes.

"I understand why you’re angry and frustrated," he says. "I want to come here today to apologize, to say I’m sorry and I will fix this."

Governor Snyder is widely blamed in Flint for decisions that led to lead-tainted drinking water.

The governor appealed for people to come together in efforts to fix Flint.

"This is an important moment to show how we can move forward," Snyder says, "to work together to say you deserve better, and to bring that (to) the city of Flint both short- term and long-term."

The governor met the president at the airport and joined him for a private briefing on federal relief efforts.

Last week, the governor caused a stir when he said his schedule might be too full for him to see the president.

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