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Former NAACP president asks "Who is Bernie Sanders?"



As primaries shift to states where African-American populations are larger and more Democratic, their votes become critical. Thursday, researchers from Survey Sampling International released a new national poll finding black voters view Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton more favorably than Bernie Sanders. Former NAACP President Ben Jealous is a Sanders supporter authoring an Op-Ed piece titled “Black America Asks: Who is Bernie Sanders?” Jealous was in Grand Rapids this week. WGVU asked him about Sanders. “People had no idea who Bernie Sanders was? He started off statistically basically at zero percent in the polls around three percent and a margin of error at four percent.” In an Op-Ed piece appearing at HuffingtonPost.com titled “Black America Asks: Who is Bernie Sanders?” Civil and Human Rights leader Ben Jealous explains why African-Americans should rally their support. “Bernie Sanders has fought for Civil Rights since he was a very young student in college with courage through his entire life and he’s fought for working people.” “He is the most consistent on racial justice issues, on economic justice issues that he has real experience working with Republicans to get things done and everything from veterans affairs to strengthening the Federal Reserve system to providing heating oil for the poor.” When it comes to Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton… “The Clintons are a very established brand. The biggest, most effective political dynasty in our country, everybody knows them. They’re kind of like Coke, if you will, or KFC. They’re a brand from the south that tastes good but Coke gave my mom diabetes.” Jealous recommends African-American voters question the Clinton Brand and how healthy is it for them? “Clintons want to take credit for the prosperity of the 1990s, but if you’re going to do that than your better take responsibility for the destruction of Glass-Steagall and what set up the recession in 2008.” In his HuffingtonPost op-ed, Jealous explains Sanders will defend the American Dream.