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Agencies award $3.6M in grants for invasive species projects


Michigan agencies have awarded grants totaling $3.6 million for 19 projects designed to prevent and manage invasive species.

The grants were approved by the departments of Natural Resources, Environmental Quality and Agriculture and Rural Development.

Some will support outreach and education efforts to ward off new invasive species introductions through pathways such as firewood, pet aquariums and ship ballast water.

Other projects will focus on controlling or trying to eliminate invaders that have already arrived.

Technologies such as high-resolution satellite and drone imagery, radio telemetry and environmental DNA will help detect and control populations of European frogbit, feral swine and the shoreline plant known as phragmites.

Grant amounts range from about $35,000 to $350,000.

Nonprofit organizations, universities, conservation districts and government agencies were among the recipients.

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