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Biology & Leadership: Why Some Might Be Born Leaders

What do George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy all have in common? More than having been president, they “may” all have been “biologically” more likely to have leadership ability.  Dr. Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist who will be speaking Thursday on biology and leadership at GVSU’s Loosemore Auditorium. 

“She is very highly respected in her field because she examines both the biology of love and the biology of leadership, in ways that are expansive and uncommon.”

That’s Joe Hogan with the Hauenstein Center For Presidential Studies at Grand Valley State University, talking about Dr. Helen Fisher. The center along with the Koeze Business Ethics Initiative is hosting Fisher, who is a biological anthropologist at the Kinsey Institute and chief scientific advisor to Match-dot-com.  She’s presenting her research about biology and leadership tomorrow evening.

“Regarding leadership, she has conducted studies of 10 million people in 40 countries, and that given her expertise in genetics and neurochemistry makes her able to discuss the essential styles of leadership that you can find across the world.”

Hogan says Dr. Fisher will discuss the four styles of leadership she’s identified.

“She’ll be discussing these four leadership styles and talking about the nuances in them; she’ll examine whether women and men are softwired, to have different leadership styles and how some may be better at helping us with common ground and she’ll be discussing the biology in this.”

Dr. Helen Fisher’s presentation is set for 7 p.m. Thursday  night at GVSU’s  Loosemore Auditorium on the Pew Campus. 

Jennifer is an award winning broadcast news journalist with more than two decades of professional television news experience including the nation's fifth largest news market. She's worked as both news reporter and news anchor for television and radio in markets from Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo all the way to San Francisco, California.