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United Way: Day of Caring with Legal Justice Workshop

Heart of West Michigan United Way
Heart of West Michigan United Way

United Way preps for a day of caring by reaching out  to those who need legal help. WGVU’s  takes a look at  the “Community Access to Legal Justice Workshop”.

“This is a day where the community can come together, and have one on one access to law students as well as attorneys who are going to be doing this work pro bono and help them overcome those barriers.”

That’s Brenda Brame,  Heart of West  Michigan United Way Program Manager.  She says there are people out there who need help with legal issues that keep them from becoming gainfully employed.  So the United Way has partnered with Jubilee jobs and WMU’s Cooley Law School.  On September 11th, they’re hosting a “Community Access to Legal Justice Workshop”

“If you have a felony and you want to deal with that, there’s a workshop for that,  if you have housing issues and youre not sure why you got the eviction, there’s a workship for that.”

And Brame says they’re more than just informational workshops…  the experts on hand will actually  walk you through your legal situation.

“We took it a step further, if after you receive information and you qualify,  then we’re going to take you into a computer and we’re going to start your process.

Thur process you’ll have access to attorney, and they’ll say lets do this, or do that, and they’ll walk you through the process.”

Brame says they will even have follow up sessions to help see the issues through.  The workshop is slated for Friday September 11th from 10 to 5 at WMU’s Cooley Law School located at 111  Commerce Ave SW, 5th floor Downtown Grand Rapids.  You can call 2-1-1 for more information. 

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