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Heavy currents force swimmer finish swim without heavy barge

Dreyer Jim
Dreyer Jim

Heavy currents in Michigan's Straits of Mackinac foiled a long-distance swimmer's test: Swimming to Mackinac Island towing a barge carrying a vehicle loaded with fudge.
Jim Dreyer said Monday he was a mile from shore Saturday when an east wind pushed him back to St. Ignace. He swam about 6.5 miles with the barge before unhooking and free-swimming to the island while the barge sailed independently.
Dreyer swam 14 hours total and 10 hours towing the barge weighing about 19 tons - more than originally thought.
Still, he says, the promotion succeeded. The swim aimed to draw attention to the Mighty Mac Swim, a Labor Day straits crossing.

Both events are Habitat for Humanity of Michigan fundraisers. The Lincoln MKC from the barge will be auctioned at the September event.