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The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan hires a new executive director

After one unsuccessful search for the executive director position at the Hispanic Center, Cesar Gonzales, who is the board president, says they wanted to support local talent with the new search. 

“We decided to redo the job description, and really try to identify somebody here locally”

The search for the position lasted nearly two months, and after interviewing over 54 candidates, the board selected Adnoris Torres, who is known as Bo in the Latinx community. 

“The one thing that I can commit to right now, is to listen to the community’s needs, their dreams, their aspirations. To listen to the things that people may feel haven’t been heard in the past.” 

Torres comes to the center, with over a decade of experience in program and education management and a bachelors in political science and Chicano/Boricua studies from Wayne State University. He says he was drawn to the position because it’s the only Latinx centered organization of its’ kind on this side of the state. 

“To have an organization with the history, with the depth that it has, with the amount of potential that the Hispanic Center has to really take a chance and go for it.” 

In the next year, Gonzales says he really looks forward to helping Torres build out the center and create a strategic plan. 

“So this following year is going to be a lot of listening, getting community feedback, knocking on doors, and we hear what the true needs are and then at the end of 2019 have a strategic plan that really goes to the wants and needs of the community.” 

This Saturday from 5-7pm, the Hispanic Center is inviting Grand Rapids community members to meet Torres, at their annual holiday celebration La Posada

Michelle Jokisch Polo WGVU News. 

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