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Sexual violence advocates call for justice


“Survivors don’t actually owe anyone their stories, so while we are living in an era where survivors’ stories are out all over the place what we owe those survivors is a lot of gratitude.” 

That is Tashmica Trock, Executive Director and founder of the Firecracker Foundation in Lansing Michigan chiming in. 

Trock’s work with the foundation is on advocating for and providing resources to children who have experienced sexual violence. 

“As I am watching even these big public disclosures around the Kavanaugh cases, I worry about the survivors who could be in that marginalized community that was perpetrated against but knows that their story is not going to be nearly as believable or as palatable to the media.” 

She explains those with marginalized identities are more likely to experience sexual violence. 

“People with disabilities are 6 times more likely to experience sexual violence, we know that native women and black girls are more likely to be victims of sexual violence, and we know that our transwomen are more likely to be victims and LGBTQ populations.” 

Trock wants to see a change in dialogue. One focused on accessibility and less on the details of a survivor’s story. 

“I would like to see less of a conversation about the worst case in history, and more of a conversation about how do we make justice and healing more accessible for every survivor in our space.

Michelle Jokisch Polo, for WGVU News.