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Dr. Jai G. Bansal (Part II)

Jai Bansal, co-author of ‘Hinduism and America: How Hindu Dharma is Transforming the West,’ returns to continue our conversation

Fred Stella continues with Dr. Jai G. Bansal.

For most of the past two centuries, Hindus have had their faith almost entirely defined by westerners, ‘Hinduism and America: How Hindu Dharma is Transforming the West’ seeks to bring more balance to the study of the history, culture, theology, and practice of Hinduism.

Dr. Jai G. Bansal is a scientist turned writer and community leader. His most recent professional appointment was as a Distinguished Fellow at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago from 2014 through 2018. Prior to this, Dr. Bansal worked with a global petrochemical company for over 38 years, and in 2014 retired as the Chief Scientific Officer. He has published widely, keynoted at several international conferences, and holds over two dozen patents, including one which was nominated for the Most Valuable Patent Award.

Fully retired from professional life, Dr. Bansal is now fully dedicated to the service of the Hindu community through organizations like the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, where he serves on the executive board. Dr. Bansal has written extensively on India’s contributions to the world and given talks on international platforms, most recently at the G-20 Interfaith Forum in September 2022.

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