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City of Grand Rapids

As daylight hours grow shorter and weather conditions worsen, pedestrians can be difficult to see. Statistics show there is an increase in pedestrians being struck by vehicles in the fall in Grand Rapids. To reduce that trend, the City of Grand Rapids is encouraging drivers to be mindful of pedestrians. 

“You generally see an uptick in crashes in the fall; some of it is the changing in the day light hours and some of that is also change in weather conditions especially around the Great Lakes.”

Gov. Whitmer pushing for new spending deal

Oct 7, 2019
Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce

Governor Gretchen Whitmer would like to get leaders in the state Legislature back to the table to come up with a new spending bill. One that uses the almost one billion dollars that Whitmer line item vetoed in the budget. But GOP lawmakers say the budget is done and it’s time to focus on policy issues.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey says he’s ready to discuss a long-term road funding plan.

“I made a strong commitment that once the budget was completed we’d go back to the table on road funding and that’s exactly what I intend to commit to complete," Shirkey said.

U of M launches firearm injury prevention initiative

Oct 7, 2019


The University of Michigan hopes to lead the way in reducing the number of fatalities from firearms, as President Mark Schlissel announced a new initiative to combat gun-violence. 

Calling gun violence in the U.S. a public health crisis, University President Mark Schlissel Thursday announced the creation of a Firearm Injury Prevention Research Initiative.

police crime scene tape
Tony Webster via Wikimedia | CC BY 3.0 /

A weekend shooting in Grand Rapids left three people wounded, two suspects on the run and police looking for answers. According to the Grand Rapids Police Department, four suspects forced their way into a residence on the 1000 block of Kensington Ave., and shot two women and a male in his upper torso. All three were taken to Butterworth Hospital, and are expected to survive.

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Grand Rapids has been named one of the best cities for senior to live has released its list of Best and Worst Cities for Seniors list and Grand Rapids fairs well. The 2019 report ranks 302 cities. At the top of list are San Francisco, Fredericksburg, Washington D.C., Boston and Brooklyn. Grand Rapids is 171st among the senior-friendly cities. makes its determination based on health care, senior living and housing, community involvement, transportation, quality of life and affordability.

Mental health graphic

In Kent County, mental health concerns is one of the leading cause of hospitalizations, and Adam London head of the Kent County Health Department says its because the county has few dedicated centers to addressing mental health crises. 

“An individual might not have the right type of insurance coverage to access a service or there may be a limitation on bed space or in outpatient space and its confusing.”

There has been a death in Michigan associated with a vaping-related lung injury. The state Department of Health and Human Services announced the adult man’s death today. However, no other details about the person will be released.

       The department says this is the first death associated with what it calls a – quote -  “outbreak” of vaping-related lung injuries in Michigan. DHHS says there have been 30 confirmed or possible vaping-related lung injury cases reported in Michigan since August.

Nearly three hundred mental health counselors filled a hearing room in Lansing today. Hundreds more rallied outside to oppose a proposed change in the state rules that govern their profession.

This has become a major controversy as the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs decides whether to change how licensed mental health counselors have operated in Michigan for the past three decades.  The counselors say the new rules would put thousands of them out of business.

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School News Network

Comstock Park Public Schools is offering new program called Flex Academy for high school students to catch up on credits, preparing them for what comes next -- careers or continued education.

After falling behind in his classes, 16-year-old Caleb Clark says he’s finally on a path to get his high school diploma and start a career in welding.

Caleb is enrolled in Comstock Park School District’s new Flex Academy, a hybrid high school designed to help students who are behind or who struggle in traditional classrooms.

picture of GRFD open house flyer
City of Grand Rapids

Next week Grand Rapids residents will have an opportunity to check out ten of the city’s fire stations.  It’s part of Fire Prevention Week.  And, it’s not only a chance to meet neighborhood firefighters, but residents can also learn more about the importance of fire protection.

“Our open house is showing the community what it is we actually do and how we live within the community, because we’re on 24 hours a day, and then we go home to our own private lives and then we come back .”