Grand Rapids seeks workers for 2020 census efforts

Jun 6, 2019
U.S. Census

During the 2010 census, residents of the southeast and southwest of Grand Rapids were the most undercounted in all of the city – also the same areas with the highest concentrations of residents of color in the city, according to maps compiled from two Census Bureau sources.  

“You know what we want to do is focus on increasing awareness and confidence and desire to participate in those neighborhoods.”

The National Transportation Safety Board blames human error and equipment failures for an anchor strike that dented the Line Five pipelines. Attorney General Dana Nessel says the report is evidence the twin pipelines needs to be removed from the Great Lakes.

   New measures would ban abortions after a doctor detects a fetus’s heartbeat.

   Bills were introduced today in the state Senate.

A fetal heartbeat is usually detected at around 6 to 8 weeks. Currently, a woman can get an abortion up to around 24 weeks of gestation.

   It’s one of a handful of bills introduced so far this session aimed at limiting access to abortion. And Governor Gretchen Whitmer has said that she would veto anti-choice bills that hit her desk.

FDA finds high levels of PFAS chemicals in food

Jun 5, 2019

The discovery of Polyfluorinated Chemicals commonly called PFAS comes from a recent investigation by the Food and Drug Administration, which tested for the presence of PFAS chemicals in foods across eight mid-Atlantic states. While the FDA has not officially released those results, according to the agency’s findings that were obtained by the Environmental Defense Fund, and a report by the Associated Press, PFAS chemicals were found in a number of grocery store bought foods, and some at extremely toxic levels.

Paul H. O'Neill photo
Wikimedia Commons

The Gerald R. Ford Medal for Distinguished Public Service has been awarded to former Secretary of the Treasury Paul H. O’Neill.

O’Neill has spent a lifetime serving the public and private sector. His devotion to public service began in 1961 under Presidents John F. Kennedy and continued under Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George W. Bush who, in 2001, appointed O’Neill the 72nd secretary of the Treasury Department.

Michigan agency is awarding grants totaling more than $3.9 million for projects intended to benefit lakes and streams through development of watershed management plans. The Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy says the grants will help restore impaired waters and prevent runoff of sediment, nutrients and other contaminants. Lenawee Conservation District is getting the largest sum of money - $773,522 for efforts to reduce phosphorus flows to western Lake Erie.


After authorities confiscated Rick Snyder’s cell phone as part of the Flint Water Crisis investigation, the former Michigan Governor is firing back at the media for its coverage.

Snyder tweeted Tuesday that the news coverage surrounding search warrants being executed on his state-issued cellphone were “very sloppy and misleading.”

Michigan lawmakers and allies plan to try to – once again – expand the state’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.         

They want to make sure LGBTQ people cannot be fired or denied housing because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Decades. That’s how long Democratic lawmakers and the LGBTQ community have tried to expand the state’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.

       But they’ve run into walls – usually in the form of Republican opposition.

Courtesy of Feeding American West Michigan

In an effort to feed the hungry, a number of Grand Rapids residents recently took part in the “Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive campaign.”Coordinated by local non-profit Feeding America West Michigan, postal workers in Grand Rapids collected over 158,000 pounds of non-perishable foods by mailbox.

According to Feeding America West Michigan, food insecurity effects 1 in 8 adults in Kent County. For kids, it’s worse, as 1 in 6 children don’t know where their next meal is coming from.