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Shelter hopes to address the growing number of homeless families in Grand Rapids

A new shelter in Grand Rapids is hoping to address a growing problem in the city: there is simply not enough room for the number of homeless families who need help. One official told me it’s heartbreaking…the lack of beds means, many shelters are having to turn women and children away, even when temperatures have plunged far below freezing overnight. For local non-profit Family Promise, they’ve had a wait list over 100 families long, but now, with the new Fulton Manor Emergency Family Shelter...

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       A federal judge says a computer program that’s supposed to help ensure Michigan kids in foster are safe is a failure. Governor Whitmer says it will be fixed or replaced.

This problem has bedeviled two governors who preceded Whitmer – Democrat Jennifer Granholm and Republican Rick Snyder. They both struggled to ensure the state knows where foster kids are living and that they’re not being abused.

The report says the system drastically undercounted children who were abused while they were supposed to be under state protection.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s plan to stop using school aid fund dollars for higher education could hit a roadblock.

The state has been using money from the School Aid Fund toward higher education for years now.

And Governor Whitmer says that needs to stop. That’s because the School Aid Fund, historically, is meant to be for kindergarten through twelfth grade.

But Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey is not on board. Here’s his spokeswoman Amber McCann:

Employment scams were the “riskiest” scams in 2018.  That from the Better Business Bureau of Western Michigan.  It’s most recent report shows employment scams had more instances and higher losses than in previous years. 

“This report takes how likely are you to fall for it and how much money are  you going to lose and combines data into one report and shows what’s the riskiest scam out there and for 2018 it was employment scams.”

That’s Troy Baker, Communication Manager for the Better Business Bureau, serving Western Michigan.

SNN: GRPS Vision to Learn

17 hours ago
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Grand Rapids Public Schools students are receiving free eye exams and glasses thanks to a partnership that aims to help them succeed in school by improving their vision.

Seventh-grader Frederick Charles had a lot to say about how new glasses will help him at school: His grades will go up. He’ll get A’s and everything will be easier to read.

2 deaths at Grand Rapids home investigated as suspicious

19 hours ago

Authorities say the deaths of two people found at a home in West Michigan are being investigated as suspicious. The Grand Rapids Police Department says forensics personnel have been working on the investigation since a call came in Wednesday that brought authorities to the home. 

Details about the two people found dead or how they died weren't immediately released. Natural causes however, have been ruled out. Autopsies were planned. Police say a 45-year-old man is being sought as a "person of interest" in the case.

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The Brunch at the Gardens: A Toast With Your Hosts | Presented by PNC Bank

The fossilized remains of a bizarre-looking reptile are giving scientists new insights into how turtles got their distinctive shells.

Some 240 million years ago, this early turtle-like creature lived in a large lake, in a fairly warm, subtropical climate. But it didn't have the kind of shell modern turtles have, says Hans-Dieter Sues, a curator at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

Vietnam is having condom problems.

Hundreds of thousands of condoms sold there are substandard. They tear easily and don't offer reliable protection. While this might seem like a red flag, it's actually a sign of progress.

At The New Republic, Chloe Angyal pens a piece on the role of white womanhood in America's racial dynamics, and why she will "no longer be an excuse for violence."

The Confederate battle flag and three other symbols of the Confederacy were taken down Wednesday from the Capitol grounds in Montgomery, Ala., after their removal was ordered by Gov. Robert Bentley amid a growing backlash against the symbols following last week's racially motivated mass shooting at a black church in South Carolina.

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Hillary Clinton's speech Tuesday at a historic black church in Missouri was mostly well-received by the audience, but three words angered some of the activists she was hoping to appeal to.

Clinton spoke to frequent applause about religion, racism, access to education, repairing communities and the shooting last week in Charleston, S.C.

The church where Clinton spoke, Christ the King United Church of Christ, is in Florissant, Mo., fewer than 5 miles from where the rioting and protesting happened in Ferguson.

Better communication with the families of kidnapped Americans — and a pledge that those relatives won't face criminal charges if they pay ransoms — are at the heart of an update to the U.S. federal hostage policy, released Wednesday.

When you hear the words "green brewery," you might picture gleaming solar panels or aerodynamic wind turbines. But the most valuable piece of technology at the $24 million headquarters of Smuttynose Brewing Co. on the seacoast of New Hampshire isn't quite as sexy.

"The place you have to start is the building envelope," says Smuttynose founder Peter Egelston.

While the debate over whether to label foods containing GMO ingredients plays out across the country, another engineered food has long been waiting to hit grocery stores: genetically modified salmon.