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Inner City Christian Federation has closed on the purchase of 177 properties with 150 of those single-family homes located in Greater Grand Rapids and Wyoming. As ICCF leadership explains the acquisition is one way to preserve affordable housing at a time when rents and home prices are quickly climbing.

“We are excited to be a part of preserving the affordability of housing in our community.”

Ryan VerWys is President and CEO of Inner City Christian Federation.

Police say two people have died and a third is critically injured after a speeding car struck a fire hydrant and a tree and split in half near Grand Rapids. Wyoming Police Lt. Mark Easterly says the crash just before 4 a.m. Sunday ejected and killed both rear-seat occupants. He says the driver also was ejected from the vehicle and has been hospitalized with critical injuries. 

Police say a front-seat passenger who was the only occupant wearing a seat belt was treated for minor injuries.

Woman swipes $1,600 exotic bird from Michigan pet shop

Sep 29, 2017

A pet shop in Wyoming, MI says an exotic bird that was swiped while an employee was helping a customer has been found. The woman left Casa La Parrot in Wyoming around midday Wednesday with the $1,600 bird hidden in her hands. 

The theft was captured on surveillance video and Friday a tip led police to the bird. The bird is a type of parrot. Manager Jessica Oegma says the woman took the bird out of his cage and played with him before leaving the store.

A judge has ordered a psychiatric examination for a western Michigan woman accused of leaving her 6-month-old son in a car seat in her hot apartment for about two days. A judge Wednesday ordered 22-month-old Lovily Johnson of Wyoming to be examined by a state psychiatric expert. She's charged with murder and child abuse in the death of her son Noah. 

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A snowplow driver who struck a woman near Grand Rapids has pleaded no contest in her death.

Austin Hill appeared in court Tuesday, three months after 26-year-old Chelsea Crawford was killed.

The 21-year-old Hill was charged with causing a fatal crash but failing to stop to help her.

A no-contest plea is treated as a guilty plea at sentencing, which is set for May 18.

Crawford was hit while she walked on a road in Wyoming, a Grand Rapids suburb. Hill's truck was located that night.

One Wyoming

Jan 27, 2017
One Wyoming

We discuss One Wyoming, a collaborative of schools, churches, business, government and more, gathering to improve the quality of life in our community. Jon Shafer and Rachel Verwys are our guests.

Man charged in snowplow hit-and-run death gets $1M bond

Jan 13, 2017

A man charged with failing to stop at an accident after a Grand Rapids-area woman was struck and killed by a truck equipped with a snowplow has been ordered jailed on $1 million bond.

Scales of Justice
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A prosecutor has ruled that the fatal shooting of a man suspected of stealing a semi-automatic pistol from a gun store in the Grand Rapids area was justifiable.

The shooting happened Sept. 7 in Wyoming, a city near Grand Rapids, about two hours after the theft.

Metro Health and University of Michigan Health System
Metro Health; University of Michigan / metrohealth.net | umich.edu

An agreement has been reached joining Wyoming’s Metro Health Corporation with University of Michigan Health System.

The two organizations signed a letter of intent to join together last June. That meant the hospitals could look over each other’s business operations and negotiate a deal potentially leading to a merger.

Now, a deal has been struck that will expand U of M’s reach into west Michigan.

It will introduce medical research and what it calls cutting-edge health care into the region.

Police car lights
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Police say an officer has fatally shot a man who was suspected of stealing a semi-automatic pistol from a gun store in western Michigan.

The shooting happened Wednesday night in the Grand Rapids-area community of Wyoming.

Police say the pistol was stolen from the gun store on Wednesday evening and the 25-year-old man was confronted by an officer about two hours later because of what looked like a gun in his back pocket.

Police say the man took out the gun and pointed it at the officer.