The WGVU Morning Show

We catch up with young athletes after their USA National Cycling Championships, representing Andrie Junior Development Cycling Team. Clara James-Heer, Carmen Davidson and Summer Gilbert talk about their wins.

Dr. Marla Gendelman

Aug 1, 2018

Yesterday we talked about reasons for not legalizing marijuana. Today, we share the pros with Dr. Marla Gendelman.

Alex Bowman
wikimedia commons

NASCAR happens in Michigan August 10-12, bringing drivers to the Michigan International Speedway, and recently driver Alex Bowman was found at Rosa Parks Circle. TMS Roving Microphone stops by.

Former White House Speechwriter Curt Smith joins us talk about his book, ‘The Presidents and the Pastime.’

All About Kent

Aug 1, 2018
Kent County Seal
Kent County

All About Kent, putting the spotlight on all things Kent County. We speak to Lisa LaPlante, Kent County Community Liaison and Communications Director about the budget process and an agreement for AirBNB.

Tim Penning

Aug 1, 2018

GVSU Professor Tim Penning joins TMS to discuss his recent election to the prestigious PR society of America College of Fellows. We catch up with Dr. Penning and what this means for West Michigan and the profession.

Library of Michigan

Aug 1, 2018
Library of Michigan logo / Library of Michigan

Tuned Into the Library of Michigan with guests from the State Library. Today, Tim Gleisner, Head of Special Collections, discusses the Michigan Collection.

The High Tide Club

Jul 31, 2018

Author of The High Tide Club, Mary Kay Andrews joins us  to discuss this story shrouded in mystery, Spanish moss, and verandah cocktails.

The Morning Show Roving Microphone takes you to Mary Freebed Rehabilitation's Wheelchair Sports Camp where over 50 kids play a dozen wheelchair sports and participate in a variety of social fun.

Mason Street Warehouse's Kurt Stamm joins TMS to talk about what's on stage now and what's coming up.