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Michigan voters this fall will get to decide whether to change how their state's congressional and legislative districts are drawn.

In a 4-3 ruling late Tuesday, the state Supreme Court rejected a challenge to an anti-gerrymandering ballot measure, meaning it will go to a statewide vote in November.

The constitutional amendment would entrust redistricting to an independent commission instead of the Legislature and governor.

It is a bid to stop partisan gerrymandering, the process of a political party drawing electoral maps to maintain or expand its hold on power.

The Michigan Supreme Court says the state must return more than $550 million to school employees who had money deducted for retiree health care. T

he court ruled 6-0 Wednesday.

School employees had 3 percent of their pay deducted for about two years under a law signed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm, but the law was declared unconstitutional. Governor Rick Snyder in 2012 signed a new law that has survived court challenges. 

The Michigan Supreme Court is set to hear a high-profile case about a man who fatally shot a woman who banged on his door following a late-night car crash in suburban Detroit. Ted Wafer was convicted of second-degree murder after shooting 19-year-old Renisha McBride on his Dearborn Heights porch in 2013. The issue for the Supreme Court on Thursday is jury instructions.

The Michigan Supreme Court is looking at the case of the hot coals. A 10-year-old girl burned her foot on hot coals that couldn't be seen under sand, a day after a Lake Michigan bonfire. The state appeals court said Watervale Inn in Benzie County isn't protected by a law that shields businesses that provide recreation.

Michigan won’t limit how much money corporations and unions can spend to influence elections in the state – under legislation that’s cleared the state senate.

In 2010 the US Supreme Court said corporations and unions could spend as much money as they wanted on political campaigns. Seven years later, Michigan lawmakers are putting that standard into state law.

Arlan Meekhof is the Senate Majority Leader. He voted in favor of the bills, “Because everybody should have free speech and the Supreme Court has said that free speech equals money in what you give.”

A man who is challenging Christian prayers at Jackson County meetings says he'll probably turn next to the U.S. Supreme Court. Peter Bormuth says his fight isn't over, despite a defeat Wednesday at a federal appeals court. The court said there's nothing illegal about Christian-only prayers at meetings of Jackson County commissioners.

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Vanessa Gutierrez grew up in West Michigan thinking she had the same opportunities as all her friends.

“When I found out that I was undocumented at that time I was in high school so I was getting ready to apply for college and getting ready to apply for my first license just like any other high school student.”

Suddenly, all those doors closed for Gutierrez. But because parents brought her from Mexico when she was three years old, she qualified for a program that covers nearly one million undocumented people. It’s called deferred action for childhood arrivals or DACA.