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Flu vaccine syringe
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A big reminder today from area health officials that it’s not too late to get your flu shot.  News comes from the Kent County Health Department among others as the Centers for Disease Control reports flu is now widespread throughout Michigan.

“Even though the flu shot does not always prevent the flu, it really can lessen the severity and the duration. And there’s still time to get your flu shot, if you haven’t done so.”

Kent County Seal
Kent County

The Kent County Health Department continues to offer free radon test kits to residents.

They call it a silent killer: lung cancer caused by radon gas. 

“Because it doesn’t get a lot of media attention, we’ve been calling it the silent-silent killer because you don’t know that it’s coming in your home. But it doesn’t get a lot of attention. We think we can make some in roads on this, by getting people to test their homes.”

    There’s concern today that illegal tattoo artists are posing a growing public health risk in Kent County. The Health Department and Grand Rapids Police Department are investigating at least one illegal operation. WGVU’s Patrick Center tells us about the danger.

“You may think you’re getting a deal on a tattoo and end up really messed up.”

Steve Kelso at the Kent County Health Department warns us about the proliferation of unlicensed body artists, in the tattoo industry known as “scratchers.”