Midday West Michigan

Mark Sanchez
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A look at the local and national economies at the 2018 midway point. Also, truck drivers wanted and  falling milk prices impacting Michigan dairy farmers.

Movie Talk

Jun 8, 2018
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We preview Ocean's 8, Hotel Artemis, Hereditary and On Chesil Beach with Jenny Garone from Studio C!

Jon Lauck

Finding the Lost Region IV: Fourth Annual Midwestern History Conference attracted more than 150 panelists to the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies at Grand Valley State University.

Executive Director, Gleaves Whitney along with historian Jon Lauck have crafted a program focusing on the national and global importance of the region.

Topics this year cover art, immigration, politics, religion, and sports to name a few.

We talk with Lauck about the role the region has on American society.

Mark Sanchez
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Craft brewers surveyed discuss industry growth and volatility. Also, Priority Health expands its out-of-state network in a deal with Cigna Corporation.

Movie Talk: "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

May 25, 2018

"SOLO: A Star Wars Story" is the lone movie opening this holiday weekend, the latest in a string of Star Wars stories that have hit the big screen since the reobbot of the beloved science fiction series. WGVU's Scott Vander Werf and Ron Van Timmeran from Celebration Cinema talk about SOLO and what's coming to theaters. Click above to listen. 

Las Vegas sportsbook
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The Supreme Court has struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. How could the ruling impact the future Michigan sports betting?

WGVU spoke with Michael Huff an attorney with Grand Rapids-based law firm Mika Meyers where he specializes in corporate and real estate with an interest in sports law. Huff is currently a member of the Sports Law Association which he tells us is a national organization for lawyers who practice in the area of sports law. We begin our conversation with Huff’s intrigue with professional sports, sports wagering and the law.

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Personalizing the management of disease is the goal of National Institutes of Health and partners like Grand Rapids’ Spectrum Health.

This week the All of Us Research Program is rolling out nationally with an aim to enroll one million or more volunteers who have been underrepresented in research.

WGVU spoke with Dave Chesla, Director of Research operations at Spectrum Health, explaining how the All of Us Research Program can impact health care in America.

Mark Sanchez
Courtesy photo / LinkedIn.com

U.S. Supreme Court case will decide e-commerce taxes and we discuss Michigan venture capital and angel investing.

Robert E. Quinn, professor emeritus, University of Michigan's Ross School of Business

The author of the book Deep Change takes a deep dive into learning what it takes to become a more effective leader.

Robert E. Quinn, professor emeritus at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business recently visited with Grand Valley State University's Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies as keynote speaker for its "Wheelhouse Talk."

WGVU spoke with Quinn.

Avengers: Infinity War leads movies in theaters this weekend.  WGVU breaks it down with Ron Van Timmeran from Celebration Cinema, along with the latest Joaquin Phoenix vehicle You Were Never Really Here.