House dean Conyers announces re-election campaign

Nov 23, 2015

U.S. Rep. John Conyers (D-MI)

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - Michigan Rep. John Conyers is running for a 27th consecutive term in Congress.

 The Detroit Democrat, who is Congress' current longest-serving member, announced his plans Monday. The 86-year-old Conyers was first elected in 1964. Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey has said she will run for the seat. Conyers is the top-ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee and is a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus. He became Congress' longest-serving member when Michigan Rep. John Dingell retired at the end of 2014. Conyers counts as accomplishments the enactment of anti-domestic violence legislation, a bill requiring states to offer voter registration to people renewing a driver's license and a law creating a national holiday for Martin Luther King Jr.