Grand Rapids begins search for the next Chief of Police

Jan 10, 2019


After the surprising retirement of Grand Rapids Police Chief David Rahinksy last month, city officials are now shifting their attention to finding his replacement. 

Just one month ago, Police Chief David Rahinksy dropped a bombshell on city officials…he had already purchased a home in Florida, and his mind had been made up; his time in Grand Rapids, was over.

Fast forward one month later, city officials announced this week that they have hired Public Sector Search and Consulting to conduct a national search for the next Grand Rapids Chief of Police.

With a police department taking multiple steps to repair police and community relations, specifically in the African-American community, Grand Rapids City Manager Mark Washington says, he’s confident the search firm will find qualified candidates.

“Pretty confident in their work…what most impressed me most about their work is that in each of their searches they had diverse candidate pools, that understood community policing and also worked very closely with 21st Century."

It was consulting firm 21 Century Policing that the Grand Rapids City Commission hired to conduct an internal review of the Grand Rapids Police Department. That year long review ultimately led to 38 recommendations for the GRPD to adopt that aimed to repair community and police relations. Chief Rahinksy in November told the City Commission he agreed with the recommendations made. He announced his retirement less than a month later.