FRONTLINE presents "The Gang Crackdown"

Feb 13, 2018


Tuesday, February 13th at 10 o’clock on WGVU Public Television, FRONTLINE presents The Gang Crackdown.

As the country debates the future of immigration this documentary investigates gang violence perpetrated by MS-13 targeting immigrants. Also, how communities and law enforcement respond.

WGVU spoke with the film’s director.

“This is something that the Trump Administration wants all viewers to pay very close attention to.”

Marcela Gaviria is director of FRONTLINE’s The Gang Crackdown. At a time when President Donald Trump takes office with a new view on handling immigration policy, Long Island and MS-13 becomes the focal point of the administration.

“When you speak to law enforcement officials is that they need to gain the trust of the community to be able to investigate what’s happening with MS-13 but because a lot of the people that they’re dealing with are undocumented and are now afraid of being deportation especially under this administration. It’s very hard for the police to gain the community’s trust. So, all of this anti-immigration rhetoric, people on Long Island told me has really made it a lot more difficult for law enforcement to gain traction and understand what’s happening on their streets.”

Frontline presents The Gang Crackdown tonight at 10PM on WGVU Public Television.